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Wadsworth Observatory's LX850 blog

Evaluating Meade's LX850 telescope mount






My refurbished Moonlight focuser is back already (Thanks for the GREAT service, Ron!) so I’ll be switching back to the 12″ Meade when weather permits. Here’s one last FSQ106N shot for now – an old favorite.




Another quick shot from the other night. Nine exposures of five minutes each RGB. FSQ-106N, QSI683WSG-8, LX850.





Grabbed a shot of our nearest spiral galaxy. Nine exposures of seven minutes each R,G,B. FSQ-106N, QSI683WSG-8, LX850 as usual. I lost control of the star colors in this same-night-before-I go-to bed processing session. I’ll clean it up later and stick that version on Astrobin.




I guess I’m still in a narrowband mood, even though the Moon isn’t a problem these days. This one is from the FSQ-106N/QSI683WSG-8/LX850 combo. Clouds rolled in before I was finished but I ended up with five ten minute exposures each, H-a and OIII so this will have to do. Larger version at


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Ya know, I think I just shot this one (at five times the focal length) around the last full Moon – and here I am again. Naturally, the gradients from our hazy skies  were horrific. I guess I just enjoy the challenge. I’ll probably clean this one up a bit when my mood improves but here’s what I have so far. The link at the end of this post will go to this version, or to an improved version if I update it later.

FSQ-106N and QSI683WSG-8 on LX850.

6 exposures 7 minutes L, 6 exposures each of 3 minutes R, G, B. I had intended to go longer with the L, but it saturated on skyglow at 8 minutes.



I’m in widefield mode for a while and wanted to grab this one before Cygnus gets away for the season. 70 minutes each Ha and OIII

Larger at



Next-to-last image with the Meade for this season.

12″ Meade LX850, QSI683WSG-8

Six exposures of seven minutes each R,G,B.



This was the last capture before tearing things down to permit sending in the outboard SCT focuser for service. I’ll be using the FSQ-106N until I get that sorted.


Twelve exposures of ten minutes each L, nine exposures of five minutes each R,G,B.



undermountedUndermounted? ; )

The LX850 is breathing a sigh of relief after being unburdened of the 12″ SCT. It’s been replaced for now with the FSQ-106N. Dunno what that weighs (it is VERY heavy for a 4″ F/5 telescope) but it’s obviously much less than the Meade.

I’m winding down on the long focal length stuff. The aftermarket add-on focuser I use on the Meade needs to go in for service so I’ll be switching to the FSQ-106N for a while. I still have a couple of images captured with the Meade to post but those will be the last until I get both telescopes set up side by side.





Finally had some decent seeing last night. No deconvolution or sharpening required. Starlock did a great job at .88 arcseconds/pixel. 8  exposures of ten minutes each Ha and OIII, artificial green channel. I will tone the red down when time permits but here’s what I have so far.


More at