lx600More off-topic stuff today. Turns out that Meade’s been continuing development of the LX600 models while sorting the LX850 issues. They changed it to a removable optical tube! I hope to see the new version at NEAF next month.I guess this makes the LX600  T-shirt I picked up at NEAF last year obsolete…


UPDATE: Meade announced today that LX600 telescopes are currently shipping!


Sorry; this post is off topic, as the new mount isn’t from Meade. A friend stumbled across a very rare Vixen Sensor mount and, knowing that I like Japanese telescope mounts, grabbed it for me. The Sensor was produced from about 1985 through maybe 1993. It’s a heavy duty mount; about 1.5 times the weight of  a GPDX. Dunno what it was rated to carry, but it has to be more than the 30 pound rating of the GPDX. I have an extra pair of MT2 motors and a Sky Sensor 2000 controller so as soon as I fabricate a couple of motor mounts I’ll have this one ready for use.